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We have significantly added to our range of Suppliers and are currently updating our new website to reflect this exciting news.

We are also still taking good care of our long-standing customers with service contracts, technical support and consultancy for all brands and types of Corona Treatment Systems used in the UK.

Supplier of Atmospheric Plasma, Vacuum, Plasma, Corona and Fluorination Surface Treatment Systems, Comprehensive Service, Product and Technical support


Provide 3 innovative atmospheric plasma solutions:
ULS: Essentially a Plasma jet used individually or in grouped arrays;
ULD: Provides a curtain of linear Plasma up to 500mm wide for flat or 3D objects;
UL-Coat: Coating is applied evenly and with superb bonding by the Plasma deposition process.

Fluor Technik System GmbH

Provide optimum quality surface fluorination contract processes and systems. The formed parts are treated in a vacuum reactor to improve surface bonding, permeation or slip characteristics. The configuration and size of the reactor depends on the parts requiring pre-treatment.

Me.ro SPA

Provide world class Corona treatment systems and complementing processes with advanced technology for a range of products and processes. Treatment widths from 20mm up to 10m.


Provide vacuum plasma systems and complementing processes for surface activation, functionalisation, coating, ultra-fine cleaning and etching.